Customer accused of punching McDonald’s worker in Wis. after wait for bacon

GREENFIELD, Wis. (WITI/CNN) - A 17-year-old in Wisconsin quit her job at McDonald’s after a customer allegedly assaulted her because she felt she had waited too long for her food.

In a statement, the McDonald’s franchise owner said the Greenfield, Wis., location is working with law enforcement regarding the case. (Source: WITI/Tribune/CNN)

Cell phone video obtained by Greenfield Police shows the terrifying moments on Dec. 27 when a McDonald’s customer loses her patience on 17-year-old employee Serena.

"She grabbed my daughter and punched her in the face, the back of the head, and then slammed her down on the ground,” said Rachel Howell, the victim’s mother. “I’m angry.”

Serena says the customer became enraged after she waited for about eight minutes for her food. She allegedly claimed it was “taking them too long to cook the bacon.”

The 17-year-old admits she and the woman exchanged some heated words, but she says she never expected her to walk behind the counter and physically assault her.

"I was scared because it happened so quickly," Serena said.

The police report states the customer "went around the counter" and approached the victim then "struck her in the back of the head," "pulled her hair" and "threw her to the ground."

The customer fled the scene before officers arrived, and the man she was with got a refund for the food she never received. Neither of them has been located by police.

Serena says she quit her job following the incident.

Howell says her daughter has epilepsy, and the attack could have triggered a seizure. She believes more should have been done to protect Serena in the workplace.

"It's scary. She really could have hurt my daughter," Howell said.

In a statement, the McDonald’s franchise owner, Dion Conn, said the location is working with law enforcement regarding the case.

"The safety and security of my employees and customers is a top priority,” Conn said.

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