During Hurricane Dorian, a woman sheltered nearly 100 dogs in her Bahamas home

NASSAU, The Bahamas (CNN) - Nearly 100 dogs in the Bahamas had a roof over their head thanks to a kind-hearted woman.

Dozens of dogs took refuge in a woman's house after the dog shelter flooded. (Source: Chella Phillips/Facebook/CNN)

Chella Phillips sheltered 97 dogs inside her Nassau home during Hurricane Dorian’s slow-moving stay in the islands.

According to a Facebook post from Phillips, 79 of the canines were in her master bedroom.

She runs a shelter called The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, The Bahamas, which lost power and flooded because of the hurricane.

However, she claimed the dogs stayed relatively calm during the storm and are doing well.

Phillips says she will look to get these dogs permanent homes once the island recovers from Dorian.

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