Florida man says ‘f*** it, I’m drunk, take me to jail’ after crashing into cop car with lawn mower

Investigators learned Anderson's license had been suspended since 1978. (Source: Haines City Police Department)
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HAINES CITY, FL (Gray News) - When Haines City police responded to a call at Rodriguez Fashion Convenience Store Sunday evening, they expected the trouble to be inside the store.

But then the officer heard a loud noise come from outside. When he got back to the parking lot, he saw a 68-year-old man sitting on his lawn mower with bloodshot eyes.

An arrest report reviewed by The Tampa Bay Times identified the man as Gary Anderson. Police said he struck the parked patrol unit with the lawn mower, causing only minor damage to the bumper.

The officer said Anderson confessed to hitting the car. He then reportedly said “F*** it, I’m drunk, take me to jail.”

The officer obliged, but only after Anderson failed to complete a field sobriety test.

Police let Anderson attempt a breath test at the police department.

He failed again. Authorities said he tried to deceive the test and didn’t provide an accurate sample.

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