Georgia man’s perfect proposal thwarted when engagement ring stolen

ATLANTA (WSB/CNN) - A couple in Georgia says they’ve learned the importance of getting insurance for an engagement ring after thieves stole the piece of jewelry before the proposal could even happen.

Despite the ring disaster, Chanler Phelps' family found Ethan Frazier a different ring, and he still popped the question. (Source: Family photos/Instagram/WSB/Cox/CNN)

Ethan Frazier planned what he believed would be the perfect marriage proposal to his girlfriend, Chanler Phelps. The two went to a romantic dinner Friday night in Atlanta.

Afterwards, Phelps thought the two were going to their lake house for the weekend, but Frazier really planned to take her back to her parent’s place in Suwanee, Ga., and propose.

“When we left the restaurant, I had her dad was going to call me, and say, ‘Hey, we forgot something at the house. I need you to run by and pick it up for me on the way,’” Frazier said.

But the plan got derailed when the couple got back to their car, which was parked in a public lot, and Frazier immediately noticed the smashed in window. His overnight bag and the diamond engagement ring were gone.

“My heart just sank,” Frazier said. “She walked up and was like, ‘What’s wrong? It’s just a window. They just took your bag. We can get all that back.’ I was like, ‘No, you don’t understand.’”

Frazier had to confess his whole plan, as the two reported the theft to police. But he still decided to pop the question.

Phelps’ family found a ring for Frazier, and he proposed in front of them.

"There was literally hundreds of candles and flowers and rose petals from when we walked in to the back, and it was so beautiful,” Phelps said.

While the now-engaged pair says they would love to get the diamond back, they say what was lucky was that Frazier had just signed the insurance policy on the ring about two and a half hours before it was stolen.

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