Indiana community gathers to heal after fatal collision at bus stop

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ROCHESTER, Ind. (WNDU) -- Community members took the first step in the healing process after a deadly crash involving four children at a bus stop.

“You never know what you have until something tragic happens,” said Debra Fernandez, a participant in the prayer service. “To see the community pull together like this, there's not a word for it.”

Community members came together to pray after three children were killed and another injured in Tuesday morning's crash.

Thursday night, dozens of people came out to support one another at the Grace United Methodist Church in Rochester, Indiana. Everyone from politicians to law enforcement showed their support.

“It’s been a very tragic situation and we're just trying to get through this,” Fulton County Sheriff Chris Sailors said. “It's going to take a while to get over this, to heal this.”

They came together to remember everyone involved in Tuesday’s tragedy, from the bus driver to family members to other students who witnessed the crash.

“Actually, there were more than just three people lost that day,” Fernandez said. “There were so many people that will never ever be the people God created for them to be. They're going to be carrying around such horrible. That's what it is. It's hell.”

In nearby Mentone, Indiana, the community is gathering around the loss of three of their students.

“All we can do is just say we love you,” President of the Chamber of the Commerce Rita Price-Simpson said. “We're here. Anything you need. Anything. Financially in any way, supporting you. In anything we can do to help with counseling, anything, we're here.”

Despite the tragedy, Mentone, Fulton County and the surrounding areas are all proving they are "Tippy Strong" and will continue supporting Maverik Lowe, who remains hospitalized.

“Let me tell you, there is nobody here that will not give them 1000 percent for that young man and for them personally,” Price-Simpson said.

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