Koala who was rescued from Australian brushfire dies

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(Gray News) - Ellenborough Lewis the koala, who was rescued from an Australian brushfire, has been euthanized because its wounds were too serious, Koala Hospital Port Macquarie said in a Facebook post.

Video shows a woman rescuing a koala from a bushfire in New South Wales. The koala has been euthanized because his burns were too serious. (Source: Nine News/CNN)

The hospital said the koala’s burns would not have gotten better, so the staff decided to put it to sleep.

“The Koala Hospital’s number one goal is animal welfare, so it was on those grounds that this decision was made,” said a spokesperson.

Good Samaritan Toni Doherty heard its cries and saved it from the Australian brushfires last week, wrapping the animal in her shirt, 9 News said.

The koala had burns on its hands, feet, arms and the inside of its legs and had been getting “substantial pain relief,” the Koala Hospital said.

Koalas have been hit hard by the Australian brushfires. Experts estimated in late October that about 350 of the endangered marsupials have been killed in the fires, 9 News reported.

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