Man purposely slams truck into Md. City Hall after water at home shut off, officials say

TANEYTOWN, Md. (WBAL/CNN) - Officials in a small Maryland town say City Hall is unsafe to enter after a 55-year-old man allegedly drove his pickup truck into the building numerous times because he was angry over the city turning off the water at his home.

Taneytown City Hall remains unsafe to enter after police say 55-year-old Rodney Davis purposely plowed his truck into the building. (Source: Taneytown Police/WBAL/Hearst/CNN)

Rodney Davis, 55, faces charges of burglary, assault, destruction of property and traffic violations following the Friday incident. He is now out on bond.

Taneytown City Hall remained unsafe to enter Tuesday after police say Davis purposely plowed his truck into the building.

According to court documents, Davis was angry his water had been shut off and made threats to a council member over the phone. He then carried out part of those threats at City Hall.

Taneytown Mayor Bradley Wantz is still trying to wrap his head around what happened.

"We’re a small community, and when something like this happens, it affects everybody here,” he said. “Potentially, if it had happened two hours earlier, there would’ve been people in that office that would’ve been harmed, if not worse.”

One person was inside City Hall at the time of the incident, but they were not injured. Charging documents indicate there were at least six witnesses and security camera video.

Witnesses described the attack as terrifying.

"He backed up and hit full throttle, in again and back out. He must have done that - I don’t know - four more times,” witness Marvin Flickinger said.

According to charging documents, about an hour before the incident, Davis’ wife contacted Councilman Joe Vigliotti to discuss the family’s water being shut off.

Vigliotti told police that while he was talking with her, Davis aggressively stated he was “done with the city” and threatened to crash into the office. He also said he was going to go to the police department and “give them a surprise.”

Vigliotti called police and the mayor, but Davis was still allegedly able to carry through with part of his threats.

Wantz says some City Hall workers have been relocated, as crews work on building repairs.

"I think, so far, for a tragedy that has been unforeseen in a city like Taneytown, I think we are doing well getting through it, and I’m proud of the people for doing the job,” he said.

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