Man said someone threw battery acid on his face amid parking dispute in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (WTMJ/CNN) - "Oh my god.. The sensation was horrible," Mahud V. said.

The acid attack burned the man's face as well as the jacket he was wearing. (Source: WTMJ/CNN)

He is recovering after he said someone threw battery acid at his face, but his physical and emotional pain are visible.

“My son called me today. ‘Daddy, what happened to you,’ and what can I tell him, that some crazy guy did this to me,” Mahud V. said Saturday, surrounded by community leaders who condemn the alleged attack.

Milwaukee Police said the attack happened in South Milwaukee.

Mahud V. said the man first confronted him about parking, then approached him again.

“I walk across the street. He was standing at the corner. He started talking. ‘You come to invade my country. You don’t respect my laws,’” he said.

Then Mahud says he was hit by acid, scorching his skin and burning through two layers of his coat.

“I don’t know the guy. I never saw that in my life, and he did that to me. Who carries a bottle of acid?” he said.

Police say the suspect was a man wearing a blue winter jacket, black pants and a silver aluminum container.

In the meantime, community leaders say this kind of behavior should never be tolerated.

“An American citizen was attacked last night in a disgusting act of hate,” Darryl Morin of Forward Latino said.

"But I‘m here to tell you we are here to tell you that this is our country this is our state and this is our city. Milwaukee will not stand for this,” State Rep. Jocasta Zamarripa, D - Milwaukee, said.

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