Safety reminders this Fourth of July

SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Seymour Volunteer Fire Department has some reminders for you if you're using fireworks or grilling for the Fourth.

Fire Chief John Linsenbigler said to keep the fireworks away from alcohol. He said no one should be shooting them off while under the influence.

Also, keep the grill away from your fireworks. Chief Linsenbigler said some people might want to light their fireworks near the grill, but don't.

Keep in mind age-appropriate fireworks, the fire chief warned. Never leave children unsupervised with fireworks.

It's also good to have a fire extinguisher or water bucket nearby.

Chief Linsenbigler added, this holiday is a great one to remember how much volunteer firefighters do. The department serves more than 200,000 homes within three counties - Blount, Knox and Sevier.

You can donate to the Seymour VFD here.