Seymour Volunteer Fire Department talks about fireworks safety

SEYMOUR, Tenn. (WVLT) - After he blew off his index finger and part of his thumb in an Independence Day fireworks accident last year, Jason Pierre-Paul has a message for those looking to spark up some Fourth of July fun: Stay safe!

It may seem like obvious advice or something that would never happen to you, but John Linsenbigler with the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department said it happens to at least one person every year.

"We always run at least one or two medical calls where someone has been burnt or had something blown up in their hand when they weren't using it correctly," said Linsenbigler.

Most calls he gets are for minor injuries, but he said every once in a while they are more severe.

"Occasionally, we have something that's very bad. Usually, that's when alcohol or other things are involved and poor judgement is made," he said.

Linsenbigler said there are some tips to stay safe this holiday weekend when it comes to fireworks.

"Have a bucket of water there so you can put all of those hot sparklers in. Have that water source to put off a small fire in case an ember goes off in the wrong direction," he said.

Social media and YouTube are full of videos showing people using fireworks in a dangerous way. While many times the result is a incredible display in the sky, Linsenbigler knows they're as dangerous as they are beautiful.

"A small firecracker or bottle rocket when it explodes can easily take out a finger if you aren't paying attention. Those fuses burn fast and quick," he said.