Woman’s Amazon devices may have captured audio of murder, Fla. police believe

MIAMI (WFOR/CNN) - Police hope audio recordings from a pair of Amazon Echo devices might hold crucial evidence in the death of a Florida woman allegedly killed by her husband.

Police say Silvia Galva died when a spear penetrated her chest during an argument with her husband at the couple's Hallandale Beach, Fla., condo. (Source: GoFundMe/WFOR/CNN)

Hallandale Beach Police received recordings from Amazon Echo devices in relation to the July death of Silvia Galva.

According to a search warrant, investigators believe the devices may have captured audio of the alleged attack against the victim and “any events that preceded or succeeded” it.

Galva’s husband Adam Crespo is charged with second-degree murder in her death.

Police say the couple argued one night in July at their Hallandale Beach condo, and Crespo tried to pull Galva off the bed. However, Galva grabbed onto a spear to keep herself on the bed.

While Crespo was pulling the victim from the bed, he heard a snap, according to the police report. The blade had penetrated Galva’s chest, and she died.

Court records show Crespo has pleaded not guilty.

Crespo’s attorney, Christopher O’Toole, does not believe the Amazon recordings will reveal much.

“Unless you say one of the key words, the device shouldn’t capture any audio. Unless Amazon is secretly capturing everybody’s audio, but we don’t know that, obviously,” he said.

O’Toole says he is nonetheless interested in the evidence because he believes it will show Crespo was sleeping that night. He alleges Galva was the aggressor, and her husband should not have been arrested.

"I believe it’s an accident. I believe either she broke the spear and it happened to be the perfect storm of her falling at the same time, or she used the spear to try to reach out and hit him with it,” O’Toole said.

Amazon says it does not disclose customer information without a legally valid and binding order. It also says its devices do not record conversations or save audio unless they hear a wake word like Alexa or Echo.

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