Crimetracker: Janitor accused of making counterfeit money at school

LAFOLLETTE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A Lafollette Middle School janitor is accused of using the school's copy machine to make some extra cash on the job.

James Chapman was arrested Tuesday and charged with criminal simulation.

"It was shocking to think that someone would try to pull this off and use school equipment to do it," Campbell Co. Sheriff Robbie Goins said.

Sheriff Goins has seen a lot of fake cash flow through the county, but he told Local 8 News he hadn't seen anything like this.

"It appears he would copy one side-- front and back and then glue them together," Sheriff Goins said.

According to an affidavit, a $20 bill as well as a $10 bill was found inside Chapman's car after it was repossessed last week. Copy paper with one side of a bill was also found inside his car.

After the discovery, deputies received a call from a local body shop.
Its owner reported that Chapman used a $20 counterfeit bill.

"He (the owner) knew right away it was a fake $20 bill," Sheriff Goins said.

Chapman was released from jail on a $5,000 bond. He was unavailable for comment.

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