Sevierville woman reports confederate flag, stolen and then burned

A Sevierville woman followed three people she saw steal a confederate flag off a truck in Gatlinburg and then set it on fire. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Sevierville woman says she saw three people steal a flag off a truck in Gatlinburg and then set it on fire.

Kathy Leffingwell said she was spending time with her family in Gatlinburg on Saturday evening. She had stayed behind instead of taking a ride on the sky lift.

She said she saw three people walk through a parking lot, pull off a confederate flag and then set it on fire.

"Was kind of shocked at first, it took me a minute to grasp what was going on and when I seen them I knew I at least had to snap a picture and do something," she said.
"I felt that I needed to get the picture and get it out there that people are destroying other people's property and that it's a heritage thing, not a hate thing and for someone to do that, i felt I needed to help out anyway I could."

The flag has become popular on the back of vehicles in recent weeks. Several areas report the flags being stolen.

"The next thing I look over and see the fire going up and they're yelling kind of a war dance type of thing and then they run past me in the back of Sugarlands Distillery," she said.

Leffinggwell says she sees the flag as heritage, but regardless it was someones property and she didn't want to see it destroyed.

Gatlinburg police have not released the official report on the incident.