Former Hamblen jailer charged with assault files suit against accuser

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SEVIER COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A Hamblen County jailer fired last week after he was charged with aggravated assault on a neighbor is speaking out.

Mark Lipton is putting his money where his mouth is and Monday filed a two million dollar suit against that neighbor for defamation.

He recently made news after saying Sevier County's Sheriff interfered with a DUI traffic stop he made while he was a deputy but those charges were unsubstantiated.

Today, he says more about his old boss who he feels has a vendetta.

"I never laid hands on the man. I'm the victim. He's the assailant," says Lipton.

Fiancee: Mark Lipton. Officer Lipton. He's being assaulted."

Dispatcher: Is he injured?

Fiancee: The guy just hit him!"

Mark Lipton says he's fighting back to save his good name after being charged last week with assaulting a neighbor.

The former jailer and deputy says Henry Sutton drove toward him after he told his grandchildren they shouldn't be on the road with a four wheeler.

"When he got within range, he struck me in the face," says Lipton.

Sutton claims he was attacked first and pushed into a ditch next to Lipton's home before seeing the barrel of a gun.

"He sticks some kind of little gun. I don't know. I ain't never seen one. I don't even know what they are," says Sutton.

Gun or no gun, Sutton says he fought back.

"I kicked around fifteen or twenty minutes trying to get out of the ditch and when I got up I went toe to toe with him. I didn't see the gun no more," says Sutton.

Lipton says Sutton's family then got involved.

"Next thing you know I was being choked out, taken to the ground, and I had a four wheeler come on top of me," says Lipton.

Lipton says his ordeal was given to 911 by his fiance and then took pictures.

Fiancee: "No, no, no...I saw her push it on him. Are you crazy? I just saw her push it."

Dispatcher: "They pushed the four wheeler over on him?"

Finacee: "Yes. He's laying in the middle of the road."

But Sutton claims Lipton kept them from taking the four wheeler home.

Sutton's Daughter: "He crawled up under the four wheeler to act like my dad ran over him."

"Says the four wheeler is not a moving. I said, man this is something from the funny farm," says Sutton.

Lipton says the weapon was never seen until the deputy removed it in plain view of the family which he requested it not be done because he was concerned such an accusation could arise.

Lipton says he tried to take out a warrant first against sutton first but was denied.

He feels it is retaliation by the Sheriff.....retaliation Sheriff Ron Seals denies.

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