Jefferson Co. child charged with murder after 8-year-old shot, killed

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WHITE PINE (WVLT) -- “No mother should have to bury her baby,” Chasity Arwood said outside of her White Pine home Sunday. “No child should be around a gun.”

Arwood lives next to a home on Robin Road where 8-year-old McKayla Dyer died from a gunshot wound to the chest. An 11-year-old is charged with first degree murder for the killing.

Detectives found a 12-gauge shotgun and BB pistol at the scene. Neighbors said the death was a result of an argument over a puppy.

“The little boy had the bedroom window open, showing her the puppy,” Arwood said. “(He) asked the little girl if he could see her puppy. She laughed and giggled and said 'no.' Then turned and looked at her friend and said 'Let's go get the …' and never got the puppy out.

Neighbors said Dyer was a student at White Pine School. Grief counselors will be at the school Monday to help teachers and students cope.

Jefferson County Sheriff G.W. “Bud” McGoig said the shotgun belongs to the 11-year-old's father.

The juvenile is scheduled for a Monday court appearance, but because he is a minor, the doors are closed to the public.

It's a tough time for the small White Pine community.

“Trying to comfort a family that can't be comforted is extremely difficult,” Arwood said. “Especially when you're a mother.”

“As much as they've been hurt by this tragedy as everybody in the community has,” Sheriff McCoig said. We just ask you to bear with us and pray with us.”