Bray accused of throwing beer bottles at car, no charges filed

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray and his roommate are accused of throwing beer bottles and golf balls from their apartment balcony at a parked car, that according to a Knoxville police report.

The incident took place Friday at The Landings Riverfront Apartments.

Bradi Hudson, 22, told police the windshield of her 2008 Ford Special had been cracked and the roof was dented sometime after she parked her vehicle Friday night at The Landings Riverfront Apartments and when she left the next morning.

Knoxville Police Department spokesperson Darrell Debusk said charges will not be filed because Bray has reached out to the victim.

"She (Hudson) got a call from one of the suspects, who apologized and said they would take care of the damages."

At this point, Debusk said Hudson decided not to file charges.

According to Hudson, it was Bray that called her to say he would pay for the damages.

Saturday morning when Hudson walked to her car, she found a note on her window. The note had a name and phone number stating, "I know what happened to your car."

That's when Hudson saw the damage. According to the police report, damages are estimated to be at $800.

Hudson then called the phone number and was told that two males in apartment 104 had been "drinking and throwing beer bottles and golf balls at her car."

The note was written by Kirstie Allen who also lives in the apartment complex.

Allen also filed a complaint to the Knoxville Police Department about damages to her car.

In the report, Allen arrived home around 1:10 pm on Monday and went inside her apartment to eat lunch. She said she left 30 minutes later and found that her car had been damaged. Allen estimated the damages to her Volkswagen Jetta at over $500.

Allen stated that she did not see anyone damage her car, but "felt that it was in retaliation for her calling the police on Bray and Grandinetti."

Tennessee head football coach Derek Dooley has not commented on the situation.

UT spokesperson Jimmy Stanton told WVLT that "Tyler Bray was not arrested or evicted and we have no further comment on the matter."

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