Changes could be coming to what firewood you can take camping

GREAT SMOKY MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK (WVLT) - The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is proposing changes to how you camp.

The park is looking at allowing only heat-treated firewood to be brought into the park.

The Park Service says this is to prevent the spread of disease and could come in about nine months or so.

"Our park has already suffered tremendous losses in our forest through disease," said Dana Soehn with the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. "We want to do everything possible to protect our native forest. Unfortunately some of the non-native past that are heading our way impact not only species but up to 30 different tree species within the park. By eliminating some of the firewood that is brought into the park were hoping to eliminate some of those hitchhikers.

The park also says there are places within the local community surrounding the park that are already selling heat-treated firewood.

And they're hoping that even more businesses will be encouraged to start selling it. and if the proposed change takes place concession operations within the park would start selling.

Park rangers say a study shows the cost for the heat treated wood is slightly more than normal wood.

Remember it's already illegal to bring wood out of the county that is under quarantine.

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