Climbworks- The Ultimate Treetop Zipline Canopy Tour

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GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT)-- When you usually think of zip lining you think of one line that goes back and forth. Well, there's a new zip line in town that will change your mind about the whole experience.

Climbworks in Gatlinburg is the ultimate treetop zipline canopy tour! There are 9 nines and over 700 feet of cable that carries you down the side of a mountain.

Nick Thompson, Climbworks owner says "We take you on these canopy bridges that take you up in the tree tops. Also you're zipping throughout different parts so we take you over little streams, over the tree tops and under the tree tops"

It's located deep in the Smoky Mountains among the tree tops where you get an unbelievable bird's eye view of nature.

"We are surrounded on three sides by a national park so all of our views are of the national park. There are gorgeous views of the Smoky Mountains" says Nick.

Tennessee local Nick Thompson and his wife Ashley created this tour while keeping the mountain charm alive. They rebuild a barn on the property that is now their headquarters. Ashley majored in interior design and worked hard to recreate the barn.

She explains, "I feel like Gatlinburg has a lot of history with the Smoky Mountains and it has a lot of character. We wanted to keep the character of the barn and while keeping it very sustainable and green"

After a lesson in safety, employees helps you get strapped into a harness and then you're off on a bumpy ride up the mountain. In a 4 wheel drive vehicle you drive up 300 to 500 feet to the first platform where the zip line tour begins

Nick explains why this zip line experience set them apart from any other in the area "The fun unique thing about our tour is it's a true canopy tour. Once you get on that first platform your feet won't touch the ground for the next 2 and a half hours"

Also, it's more than just a fun adventure. Nick says he wants to educate people about this amazing place. "We try to emphasize teaching you about the Smoky Mountains. The history about the local area and some of the trees that are here "

Climbworks is open year around and even with rain my photographer, Nate Mclaughlin and I were able to zip line. It's for anyone over the age of 8 and is perfect for youth groups, team building and your entire family.

You can call Climbworks at (865) 325-8116 or check out their website for more information

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