Crossville woman faces eleventh DUI charge after crash

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- After 11 DUIs, you'd think your days of driving would be over, but one Crossville woman is still on the road.

Her latest DUI charge comes after investigators say she drove drunk and crashed her car with a baby inside.

Patricia Cromer, 44, who also goes by Patricia England, has been convicted 10 times. Her offenses date all the way back to 1996.

The reason she was behind the wheel may actually be because this has been happening over such a long period of time.

Ann Short is a Knoxville attorney, she's not dealing directly with this case but has experience with DUI cases.

"The way the law works in Tennessee is the offenses that count are within a 10 year period. So, you start with your arrest date on your most current offense and you look back ten years to see what that person's record is ... anything beyond the 10 year period is not counted," Short said.

In Cromer's case anything before June of 2005 technically doesn't count. Making this her 6th offense on paper.

"We've gotten to see a little bit into her criminal history and it looks like this could be a 6th offense DUI which definitely puts her into the felony category of class E," said Short.

"That would put her in a sentencing range of two to four years."

Had all her convictions been within a 10 year-period, things could be different.

"If they all had been within a year 10 year-period, she would be classified as a career offender with a mandatory 6 year-prison sentence to serve. She would have to serve at least 60 percent."

But right now Cromer is considered a multiple offender so she faces two to four years if convicted.

"She would not be eligible to be released until she serves 35 percent of that."

Luckily no one was hurt in this latest accident, Cromer was driving on a revoked license from a DUI in 2010.

A Crossville woman is facing her eleventh DUI charge after Crossville police say she crashed her car with a child inside.

It happened on Old Lantana Road just before 5:00 p.m..

According to a report the officer said Patricia Ann Cromers smelled like alcohol and she consented to a field sobriety test and failed.

She was driving under a revoked license.

A 62 year-old woman along with a 14-month old child were also in the car, they were not hurt. The woman passenger was babysitting the child.

Cromers is out after paying a more than $20,000 bond.

Records show Cromers' first DUI offense was back in 1996.