Dogs disappearing in Roane County

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Dogs seem to be disappearing in Harriman and Kingston. About a dozen so far over the last two months.

We talked to three people whose dogs vanished without a trace and another whose dog was killed. Now people want to know who snatched their pets.

Moss is a beautiful 4 year-old snow white lab. Jerry Pennington raised him from a pup, but now all he has are pictures. Jerry Pennington says, "I keep looking at the front door waiting for him to come in."

Moss disappeared on March 9th. Jerry put up signs all over the area and ads on Facebook. Pennington says, "Now with some new information, we think dogs are being taken all over Roane County."

A few days later Jerry's neighbor's dog went missing. Several days later they found the dog in a ditch where it had been shot to death.

That's two dogs in Jerry's neighborhood. Then there's Aaron Thompson who lives a few miles away. His lab also went missing last month. Aaron Patterson says, "He never showed back up which is unusual because he'd always come back to the whistle and he's never showed back up since."

Junkyard owner, Larry King has fond memories of Kujo. Kujo disappeared a few weeks ago, but whoever nabbed him, left behind his mother. Larry Ray King jokingly says, "I think someone's picking them up for what reason I don't know. They could be fighting them or eating them. I don't know really."

All these owners hope their dogs come home again. And while he waits, Jerry has a message for other dog owners. Pennington warns, "Everyone needs to keep their dogs up keep inside and investigate anyone who pulls into their driveway."

All the dogs that are reported missing are young and healthy and mostly Labs, Weimaraners or Beagles. Several people in Roane County tell us they've seen the same suspicious vehicle in their neighborhoods.

The dog owners have filed a report with the sheriff's department .
We also contacted the animal shelter and they're aware of the missing dogs and the suspicious vehicle. As soon as we get more information, we'll let you know.

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