ETPCA Midsummer Festival Fundraiser showcasing variety of art and expressions

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The East Tennessee Pagan Clergy Alliance is going to have it's First 2015 Fundraiser on Saturday June 20th starting at 11am ending at 9pm.

Mare Martell is a featured artist and will have Art for Auction. She is doing a seminar as well. Lord P.B. Owl, a local pagan artist will be there with his books, give readings, and also workshops!

Tish Owens is also a local Nashville pagan author, and will be here to do a book signing on her fictional book recently published. Johnny Martin from NC is a local pagan musician who will be performing pagan blues and jazz and even playing a dulcimer for the East Tn Mtn sound and Magnificent Light Entertainment will be spinning poi.

If vendors want to do a workshop organizers will wave the vendor fee, but the donation for the auction still applies. The vendor fee is $25, and one item donated for our auction . If you would like a table for your organization or group same rules apply. The tickets will cost $10 each, and will be available the day of the event to purchase at the door.

Anyone who would like to bring their instruments is welcome to take part in the drum circle after the event. The monies raised is to help local pagans with a Hand Up with life expenses.

For those who need to barter to attend remember this is a fundraiser so some part of your barter will have to include some funds whatever part of the ticket you cannot afford in cash please bring in items ready to be gifted out in needs to the community. Items like wearable clothes repaired and washed, in date food items, and working, clean housewares and/or small appliances.

If you have questions please call 865-824-2897, and leave a voicemail. You can also text 865-394-3667.

The event takes place at Curiosities Curiosities, Metaphysical Supplies, Antiques and Unique Finds.

A Litha/Summer Solstice ritual will be held at this event in the evening. All bartering for tables for vendors and groups and all bartering for door fees must be pre-arranged before the event.