EXCLUSIVE: Blount County mayor plans to sue jail consultant

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The Blount County mayor said $95,000 of taxpayer money has gone to waste and he might sue over it.

The county hired the Institute For Law and Policy Planning to look for alternatives to building more jail space. But Mayor Ed Mitchell said the job wasn't done right.

"It would be like wanting to know where Atlanta was and I tell you, it's in Georgia. And you've paid me $10 to show you where Atlanta is -- wouldn't you expect a map to show you a map on how to get to Atlanta," Mitchell asked, giving an analogy to the situation.

Mitchell was looking for a road map to solve overcrowding in the Blount County Jail. But he said the non-profit the county hired never delivered.

"I'm talking with the county attorney and we're getting ready to file (suit). Take action against him," Mitchell said.

He did concede that the study the county got back listed alternatives, but in no way did it explain how much each plan would cost, nor the ways to go about implementing them.

"Honestly, I believe I could have sat down -- I can give you five or six alternatives. I can blue sky it like anyone else can," Mitchell said.

That's why he's on a mission to get all the taxpayer money back and put it to better use.

The mayor is talking with the county attorney. The two of them will plan how to move forward in the coming weeks.