Brittany Eldridge's mom talks about daughter's death

(Courtesy: Velma Smith)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- For the first time since finding her pregnant daughter dead, Brittany Eldridge's mother talked to Local 8 News, begging for help to find her daughter's killer.

Robin Owens says she can't eat, can't sleep, and now can't stop thinking why someone would kill her daughter.

Brittany was found dead in her home at Cross Creek Apts, 5000 Western Ave. on Tuesday. Her mother discovered her body shortly before noon when she went to check on Brittany after she didn't show up for work that day.

Since the investigation is still ongoing officials have not said how she died, but officially ruled it a homicide following an autopsy on Wednesday.

The family was so excited for the arrival of baby Zeke, but only two weeks away from Christmas, a family lost its foundation.

"Brittany was a wonderful wonderful lady. She was beautiful, beautiful smile, beautiful blue eyes," remembered Owens.

Just two days after losing her daughter and future grandson, Owens is left with more questions than answers.

"It's even harder for me to wrap my brain around the fact they would want to take the life of a young lady that's eight and a half months pregnant," said Owens.

She called Brittany the foundation of the family, the light of their lives, and only a few weeks away from bringing a bundle of joy into the family.

"That's what she wanted to do, she was so excited about becoming a mother, excited for the next journey of her life," said Owens.

"We ain't gonna get to hold him. And she was so excited on Thanksgiving, and showed us the baby's pictures," said Pam Hurst, Brittany's aunt.

They say there is no sense of closure, not for this.

But they want justice for Brittany and for Zeke, who never even got to have a Christmas.

"Brittany has her baby Zeke with her, she's probably rocking him in her arms as we speak. And I'm really thankful for that. But I want her here with me," said Owens.

Her cousin, Velma Smith, talked about how Brittany was expecting a baby boy in three weeks and said she wanted that baby more than anything. Smith believes the baby was conceived with an ex-boyfriend and said it happened long after the divorce.

Her employer, Clayton Homes issued a statement following the announcement of Eldridge's death: "We are significantly saddened by the death of Brittany Eldridge. She was well loved, and well liked."

(Courtesy: Velma Smith)
(Courtesy: Velma Smith)
Brittany Eldridge Sherwood
(Courtesy: Velma Smith)

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