Cross falls on Adult World Bookstore: It's a Fake

It's a fake: The original photoshopped image of a cross into an adult store on I-75 appears to have originated here.
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A picture of a large cross falling on the "Adult World" shop that can be seen from I-75 near Pioneer, Tennessee, is making the rounds on social media today.

The thing is, it's not real.

We did a little digging here at Local 8 News to find what looks like it could be the original post on a photography site, .

The text, written by a user known as "camerahand," says, "A local minister erected a HUGE cross near an adult book (and ??) store along I-75 in Caryville, Tennessee. I figured a little assistance was needed."

The caption is signed, "Burton" and the header above the photo says "'Slightly' Photoshopped."

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