Group in Cocke County sowing seeds to grow a healthy community

NEWPORT, Tenn. (WVLT)- It's a small group of people looking to make a big impact.

"Empower Cocke County wants to improve the quality of live in Cocke County through a group effort of local churches," said Jessi Caro.

She's the lead gardener in the group's community garden.

"People can come out and get all the produce they need, anytime they want and bring it to their kitchen tables," said Michael Lawrence, one of the people helping with the garden.

Caro and Lawrence are sowing seeds to grow a healthy community. The first seeds were planted in April.

"I personally planted the perimeter of various tomatoes and green beans," said Caro.

The veggies are up for grabs to anyone who may need them. Anything inside the perimeter is planted by members of the community.

Tammy Dockery is one of the community growers.

"Sometimes we get low on food," said Dockery.

"It's helped out a lot of families and it's helped out my family," she said.

Dockery relies on the garden which is why she's helping maintain it.

For the people not able to be out in the heat, Caro is bringing the food to them.

"We've have an abundance of the Cherokee Trail of Tears green bean. It's actually endangered."

As summer comes to an end there are just a few beans and tomatoes left, but they're hoping their seeds will feed the future of Cocke County.

"We hope to reach hundreds and thousands. As many as God permits," said Lawrence.

If you'd like to help visit Empower Cocke County's website.