Haunted Knoxville Ghost Tours

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Knoxville is rich with history and stories of the past but many don't know the dark history and happenings in the city that has left many untold stories behind.

Certified Paranormal Investigator, J. Adam Smith, has researched and put together a walking tour through downtown that gives you the chance to actually participate in the paranormal investigations.

We visited Immaculate Conception Catholic Church early this morning with J. Adam Smith to learn more about this location in the 1700's. Smith tells us after extensive research that before the church was built the location was known as Gallows Hill which is one of the highest places in Knoxville. They hung criminals and murders there and to this day Smith says the spirits are still roaming the area.

With over 25 "hot" spots in Knoxville, Smith says there are plenty of places to tour and investigate. Everyone is invited to take part in this experience and with Halloween right around the corner, Smith says spirit activity is at it highest.

For more on touring times and dates call 865-438-4413 or visit www.coldspotsparanormal.com . You can also email at hauntedknoxville@gmail.com