Horse Haven of Tennessee gets special van courtesy of Fox Toyota

CLINTON, Tenn. (WVLT) -- We've shown you several stories involving Horse Haven of Tennessee and how they work to protect the horses of our area.

Now, one organization decided to give Horse Haven a gift of their own.

Fox Toyota in Clinton gave the organization and Twinkie a specially made van.

If you've been to Horse Haven or if you've been out and about in the area, you've seen Twinkie everywhere.

The special van will help get him around town even better, so he can continue to educate the community.

"Twinkie is our mascot. Twinkie is what we're all about, taking care of abused and neglected horses", Laurie MacNair, the president of Horse Haven told Local 8 News. "Right now, we have two ways of transporting Twinkie-- in our great big trailer. You can see how small he is. It's not very safe. He's bouncing all around and we actually put him in a Mini Cooper."

The big gift was part of Toyota's 100 Cars for a Good Cause campaign.

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