Karns VFD gains ALS certification

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Up until now, you'd have to wait on the ambulance to show up for full medical care. But not anymore. Karns Fire Department station one can now do almost everything an ambulance can do.

When Karns Fire gets a medical call, every minute matters. Now the fire fighters can do more inside those minutes. Station one is now "advanced life support" certified. Ken Dillon says, "What the community is getting is faster healthcare for critical patients."

They have a paramedic on board at all times, plus the truck is equipped with life saving drugs and they have an EKG machine.
That machine can send the hospital your information so doctors will be up to speed when you arrive. This makes the people I spoke with more confident that they'll get what they need.

Karns resident Linda Absher says, "My husband has heart problems and they're usually the first responders usually the fire department. Karns Volunteer Department is subscription based meaning people pay for the service annually. The money from those fees helped pay for these new upgrades.

Karns resident Bryant Melton says, "You hate paying anything, but it's a good thing cause when you need it you need it."