Knox Co. School security guard suspended

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--A Knox County School security guard is on suspension following a shooting. This shooting happened in East Knoxville at the Elks Lodge. Rondal Capshaw is the club's security guard, and also a security guard at Knox County Schools. He fired on a man Saturday night and that man tells me, he didn't deserve to get shot.

Jefferson Grady is back on his feet four days after he says a security guard shot him in the groin. Jefferson Grady says, "It happened in blink of an eye."

Grady admits his friends were arguing with Capshaw on the front porch. Grady says he tried to calm them down, but that's when the guard shot him. The bullet went in Grady's groin and came out the other side. Grady says, "I asked him why he shot me and he said someone swung at him. He shut the door while I lay there in a puddle of blood."

Grady says he never swung at him and had no gun, nor did his friends. Grady says, "He didn't unholster and say get back off the porch or get back or nothing. He unholstered and fired."

Knoxville Police are investigating, and so far no charges. Grady says, "They should know how to deal with people more. It's wrong just to shoot someone like that."

Knox County Schools say Capshaw is suspended with pay. He's been with the school district for 8 years. We were unable to find Capshaw for comment.

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