Mama bear, 5 cubs frolic in N.J. family's pool

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ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS/AP) -- A mama bear and her five cubs decided to beat the heat in a New Jersey backyard pool.

Tim Basso posted a video online showing the bears climbing into his family's above-ground pool, tumbling out of it, dragging around pool toys and climbing on a slide and swing set.

Basso tells News 12 New Jersey his 3- and 5-year-old daughters weren't eager to share their toys.

One of the girls can be heard on the video crying out "No!" as a cub grabs an inflatable toy. Later, an exasperated voice can be heard yelling: "One is eating my car!"

The family watched the bears from inside the safety of their Rockaway Township home.

Basso says he thought the bears would stop only briefly for a drink but ended up frolicking for nearly an hour.

Watch the full video below: