Newport Facebook group serving as an online neighborhood watch

NEWPORT, Tenn. (WVLT)- Two women are still missing in East Tennessee and now one community is taking to Facebook to try and help find them.

Sammy Howard started Newport Speaks out.

"We talk about missing people. Things that are going on town," he said.

The group has more than 6500 members and it's only been a week.

Howard is also looking at using the group to prevent violence and make everyone more aware of their surroundings and suspicious situations.

"Just because this is a small town doesn't mean it can't happen here. It can happen anywhere," he said.

On January 7th Lora Costner disappeared. Her car was found in a church parking lot with a flat tire in Cocke County.

"She texted the school saying she was going to pick up her son at 4 o'clock .... she didn't show up," said Jeff Hale, Lora's brother.

Just a few days later and about 20 miles away in Hamblen County another woman was reported missing, 24-year-old Inesha Haygood.

"The more you get the word out that someone's missing the more eyeballs you have looking," said Howard.

Chris Costner is also in the group. He says a lot of people have been talking about getting guns. He says he is there to help people learn how to use them safely.

"If you're going to have something and use it for self protection you need to know how to use it safely," said Costner.

"It only takes a second for someone to attack you someone to kidnap you."

Police do not believe the disappearances are related to each other.