No car insurance? More expensive fines beginning Wednesday

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- If you don't have car insurance, you could get slapped with an increased fine. A new law goes into effect Wednesday that could even cost you your car.

It's the biggest overhaul to the Tennessee insurance law in a long time is a 15 page bill with several amendments. The main thing you need to know is if you get caught without car insurance after Wednesday, you will pay an increased fine and ultimately have your car towed.

One in five drivers in Tennessee doesn't have car insurance, but a new law hopes to change that. The James Lee Atwood, Junior Law says if you're pulled over, the fine for not having car insurance will triple from a $100 fine to $300.

THP Public Information Officer Lt. Don Boshears says, "There are a lot of people without insurance and hopefully the fine will give people incentive to get insurance."

AAA agrees with the new law. AAA spokesperson Don Lindsey says, "It's a step in right direction. Hopefully more people will carry more insurance."

In addition to the increased fine, beginning in January, if you don't have insurance, your car will get towed.

Lindsey says, "The towing is the tough part. The toughest part. It sends a big message to people they have to be responsible."

The new law also highlights an online insurance verification system that will be fully operational in 2017. When you go to get your tags renewed, the computer program will know if you have insurance or not. Then if you don't, you can't register your car.

Lt. Don Boshears says, "So hopefully with new law more people will get insurance so we won't have that problem."

Tow truck companies we talked to are preparing for more business and more money when the law goes into effect in January.