Oak Ridge shop makes "Jurassic World" props

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When taking on a dinosaur, look no further than Dragon Leatherworks to case the weapon. The Oak Ridge shop designed several of the leather weapon pieces for the new blockbuster, "Jurassic World," a sequel to the mega-hit "Jurassic Park."

"He called us up and said, 'Hey, we got the perfect thing for you. You're gonna do the leatherwork for this up and coming movie and we can't tell you what it is until we send you the non-disclosure agreement.' I didn't even know what I was working on," said Dragon Leatherworks owner Dennis Badurina.

But immediately he got to work.

"We did his belts, half a dozen (tranquilizer) gun holsters, half a dozen stun baton holsters, the hero knife sheath, the leatherman tool holder and the leather dinosaur mittens," Badurina said.

The dinosaur mittens were a feat he's never tackled before.

"When I got the call to do that I was like, 'are you kidding?' but it worked," Badurina said. And they really came out very, very nice."

Badurina designed it all from his own imagination.

"It was the basket weave design for the leatherman tool. When they said, 'A dinosaur trainer, what would he wear?' It was this," Badurina said.

All the pieces make cameos in the movie.

Badurina started working on leather as a hobby just six years ago. Now he's making pieces for major TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters. He has a resume including "NCIS: New Orleans", "NCIS", "Burn Notice", he even made an alligator skin briefcase for "Hot Tub Time Machine 2."

Badurina doesn't know what project is next but after taking dinosaurs, he said he's ready for anything.

"We really didn't plan it. We just hold on for the ride and wherever it goes, it goes," he said.

The leather pieces are not just for the big screen. Badurina is making replicas of the kife sheaths and leatherman tool holders to custom fit people's knives. To order one, visit: https://www.dlwtn.com/

"Jurassic World" has already made a killing at the box office, breaking the record as the highest-grossing global opening ever.

According to CNN Money, it's raked in almost $512 million world-wide, beating out "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part Two" that set the record back in 2011.