Oak Ridge woman says her e-cigarette exploded while charging

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OAK RIDGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- An East Tennessee woman says her home caught on fire after an e-cigarette exploded while it was on the charger.

It happened around 5 a.m. Wednesday. She says she was awake and quickly put out the flames.

But one Oliver Springs man says others who have had this same problem haven't been so lucky.

John VanZyll, who owns Diversified Product Investigations, says his company is investigating cases of several e-cigarettes around the country that have exploded.

"We've had reports of personal injuries," he says.

He says all of the cases they've seen started when the battery overheated.

"If this charger is putting out too excessive voltage, it'll blow that battery," he says.

Terri Livezey, owner of Knoxville Vapor, says she's aware of the issue, too. She says most problems are caused by people using the wrong charger for their e-cigarette.

"We see people use charging devices from a different setup. And maybe it was a setup they bought at a convenience store and now they've upgraded to this, and they try to use their old charger with this," she says.

Livezey says they check all of the devices they sell at Knoxville Vapor for quality and make sure people understand how to use them before they buy them.

"We go through a full demonstration on how the device works, how to maintain it, how to clean it, how to fill it, how to charge it," she says.

Livezey recommends never leaving e-cigarettes unattended while charging. The e-cig usually only needs around three hours before it's finished.

She also says you should always make sure the voltage from the charger is correct, even if the charger came with the device.

The Oak Ridge woman, who wants to remain anonymous, says she bought her e-cigarette at a convenience store.

Experts recommend buying the devices from reputable dealers where they test them and answer questions.