Vol pinecone wreath | Pinspiration

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Pine cones are a popular element in fall decor, and of course if you have a Pine tree they're all over your yard right now. We are making a big orange (and white) wreath in this easy and affordable craft.

What you need:
- pine cones (a couple dozen, at least)
- wreath form
- spray paint
- clear string

Let's start with the "wreath form" ... You could glue pine cones to a traditional wreath form, foam or grapevine. I took the cheap way out and just used a wire coat hanger. I simply bent the hanger until it was a circle, and did not have to be perfectly shaped either.

I spray painted 20 pines cones orange and 20 white. They take paint well! We're doing Vol colors, but this could really be any color or even left natural.

Using the clear string or fishing line, tie your pine cones on to your wreath. You could use glue, but if you're hanging it outside make sure the adhesive will hold up to the elements. (Hot glue breaks down in temperature extremes and moisture.)

Since I'm using a coat hanger, I clipped an orange flower (found in the fall decor section at a store) to hide the hook at the top. Some nice ribbon would work well here as well.

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