Pinspiration - DIY Elastic Hair Ties

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Elastic hair ties have become a trend, sold at several stores, but thanks to one of our morning producers, we've found out they are easy to make and you can save a bunch of money.

What you need:

- Elastic Ribbon - 1 yard equals about 4 hair ties, find online or at most craft stores
- Scissors
- Super Glue, clear nail polish

Simply cut about a 6 inch strip of the elastic, tie the two ends & then dab a big of super glue or clear nail polish on the ends to prevent fringing.

I also figured out some great ways to store the ties:
-use an old paper towel holder ( you could always wrap it in decorative paper)
- cut out a section of card stock and give hair ties as gift
- or even using an old candle holder

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