"Platelets Across America"; saving lives one state at a time

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- It's one man's mission to raise awareness about donating blood and platelets.

His name is Al Whitney and he lives in Cleveland, OH but he's been traveling the world donating blood and platelets. He calls it "Platelets Across America".

He made a stop in Knoxville to encourage the area to give blood and support Medic, our regional blood bank.

Mr. Whitney told us "Of the total population only 37% of the people can donate blood. Of that 37% less than 5% donate blood and we more than 5%."

He travels on a very limited budget from his social security checks but so far he's been to 3 countries and 42 states to donate.

Next month, he's headed to Alaska and after that he hopes to get to a warmer place like Florida.

To learn more about "Platelets Across America" visit www.plateletsacrossamerica.com or email Al Whitney at plateletsusa@kellnet.com