Random Acts of Flowers delivers deliberate smiles

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- It's hustle and bustle. Deconstructing flower arrangements donated by floral shops, and families after weddings and funerals.

"We're taking these beautiful flowers that were bound for the trash heap, and which are still very beautiful as you can see, and re purposing them to bring smiles to other people," says Nancy Irwin a volunteer with Random Acts of Flowers.

"We just bring some out that we want to work with and start putting them into vases and arrange them until they look good," adds Bettie Kurtz.

A snip here, a shuffle of flowers there, add a little ribbon, the greeting card, and these bouquets are ready to make people smile.

"If I think it looks pretty, surely someone else will," says Irwin.

Every week, hundreds of these flowers are delivered to hospitals, senior centers, and hospices around East Tennessee. The ladies smile, and so do the tough guys having gone under the knife.

"Oh the men! Are you kidding? The men, they're a little shy, when you take them into a room Nancy and they're kind of...they say. Who are those for? I think they're just as happy," says Kurtz.

This is the new location is bigger and ready to handle the 40 volunteers who put in 150-200 volunteer hours a week.

"We've doubled our workspace which mean now we have more and more volunteers coming, because before they used to, as they say, bump butts a little bit," says Carmel Hall with Random Acts of Flowers.

This is not the only place where the organization is looking to expand.

"Actually two years we went national. So we do have three other branches across the country, and we're looking to expand," says Hall.

While they're currently good on vases there's more these volunteers need to keep these flowers together.

"Paper towels, toilette paper, ribbon, floral tape, you know, any supplies like that can be donated," says Kurtz.

A family of volunteers ready to turn frowns into smiles -- one bouquet at a time.

"They've got Volunteer Spirit deep down. From the roots in the ground to the blossoms up above," says Hall.

Random Acts of Flowers is still looking for volunteers to help pick up and deliver flowers, and to help take compost to a community garden.