Roane State professors to spend 73 days in underwater lab

Bruce Cantrell, left, and Jessica Fain perform a final check of their gear before going underwater to live in a habitat for 73 days. Courtesy: Roane State Community College
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HARRIMAN, Tenn. (AP) — Two professors at an East Tennessee community college plan to spend 73 days underwater in a unique educational endeavor that will also attempt to break a world record.

Starting Friday, 63-year-old Bruce Cantrell and 25-year-old Jessica Fain started living in a special habitat 25-feet down in an ocean lagoon in Key Largo, Florida.

During their time underwater, they will interview marine science experts and others for a weekly live broadcast called "Classroom Under the Sea." Among those who will scuba-dive down to the laboratory will be Buzz Aldrin, the second astronaut to set foot on the moon.

In addition, Cantrell will teach an online college-credit course for his students at Roane State Community College.

The weekly broadcasts can be viewed on YouTube.

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