Study: Lower air quality means lower grades

TULSA, Ok. (WVLT) ---- A University of Tulsa research project on air quality says a lot of classrooms are too hot and stuffy for children to do their best.

It's one of the first studies to show a direct connection between fresh air and test scores.

With a carbon dioxide monitor, doctors believe it's possible to predict student performance. Researchers say cool, fresh air means better scores.

According to the study, in one hundred and forty 5th grade classrooms, they found good ventilation meant better math scores.

Scores went up twelve points with each 1 degree drop in temperature.

Researchers say the problem is that school's either cut costs by raising the temperature or they've made buildings too airtight, so they recirculate stale air.

According to the study, the temperature of a classroom should be between 72 and 73 degrees.