Thrift store becomes temporary home for cold dogs in Monroe County

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MADISONVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A thrift store has become a temporary new home for the dogs of the Monroe County Animal Shelter.

The winter weather that has put everyone is a deep freeze and knocked power out to thousands also left the Monroe County Animal Shelter without a way to keep their dogs and cats warm. The shelter hasn't had power since sometime Monday night, so shelter workers were left scrambling to find a place to house more than 20 dogs and cats.

So the Monroe County Friends of Animals Thrift Store opened up a storage room in its building for a place to put the large dogs.

"We're going to have to do some heavy duty cleaning in here as well, but it's really very gracious and kind," Claire Moxim explained.

Moxim is the Media Director for the Monroe County Animal Shelter and said she has been amazed at the help the shelter has received since the storm knocked out their power. People who have never previously helped or volunteered for the shelter have taken dogs and cats to give them a temporary home until the lights come back on.

"It's just incredible, the kindness that people can show when you ask for it," Moxim said.

Even though the Monroe County Friends of Animals Thrift Store is one of the main financial supporters for the animal shelter, Moxim said opening its doors to temporarily house the large dogs goes above and beyond.

Moxim said the dogs are doing well despite having to be caged while they are in their new home. She said it could be several days still before they can go back to the shelter because it will need to be cleaned and the building will need to heat back up. Her number one concern for the dogs now is getting them enough exercise and play time to keep them happy, so she is welcoming anyone who is willing to stop by and walk the dogs for a few minutes.

If you are interested in helping the Monroe County Animal Shelter, you can find them on Facebook at 'TN Monroe County Animal Shelter'.