Moms help women across East Tennessee find jobs

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Two Knox County moms have a plan for any full-time mother looking to get back into the working world. It's called The MomForce Network.

Founder of The MomForce Network, Courtney Jones started the organization last August. Andrea Dake joined in January as the Vice President of Recruiting.

Dake is a full-time mom, but she's also dedicated to helping other mothers balance family life and a career, on their terms.

"The flexibility is really anything from completely work(ing) from home or a few hours in an office and a few hours from home, or just abbreviated days in an office...," says Dake.

Dake is responsible for taking the employer needs and matching that with a mother who has the skill set and availability.

Dake says, "About 90% of our candidates do have advanced degrees but there are plenty that don't that have great skill sets and backgrounds, so we'll work with just about anybody."

In just under a year, about 200 women have joined the network in East Tennessee and it doesn't cost them a thing.

The organization has also helped men, students, grandmothers, and even women without children.

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