Two families fighting to have judges drug tested

Two families are fighting to make sure no one has to live through the pain they suffered during trials for their murdered children.

300 times the Christians and the Newsoms walked inside the City County Building and they were there once again on Thursday.

"This is almost like a second home now we've been here so many times," said Mary Newsom.

They came this time with a different purpose.

"I don't want anyone else to go through what we went through," said Mary.

Sitting through re-trails for the murderers that took their daughter and son. All because the judge overseeing the case was a pill addict.

That's why they're meeting with elected officials, drafting a bill intended to wipe the benches clean of illegal drug activity.

"Somebody that is controlling something as important as our justice system- you would think they would have to get a drug screening," said Gary Christian.

A mission that's been in talks for a while now. Although, these families say justice for their kids has finally been served ,closure won't come until the bill becomes law.

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