U.T. program helps farmers, gives to hungry

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) UT's Farmers Market means profit for local farmers. But at the end of the day, farmers are often left boxing leftovers. Thanks to a new recycling program through the Institute of Agriculture, that's no longer the case.

The "Give More, Grow More" program takes unwanted food from the farmers' hands to the hungrys' mouths.

"You know, something that's a problem, obviously in society but also locally here in Knoxville is people just not getting good nutritious food who really need then. Then to see all of those people come together to address that's been really neat," said program co-founder Jean Hulsey.

At the end of each Wednesday, farmers and gardeners alike box drop off produce. It's then sent to charities like KARM and the Love Kitchen.

"We've been really, really pleased with the success, and just the sheer generosity of people," said Hulsey.

"it really helps us, and it helps them so we just kind of work together."
Creating a fresh sense of sustainability," said Jim Riddle from Seven Springs Farm.

Fore more information on drop off locations and details, click the link below.

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