Uber driver says he was fired over private Facebook posts

Days before Christmas and without warning, a local Uber driver is out of a job.

He says he was fired for a post on social media, a post that wasn't visible to the general public.

An email in the middle of the night how Vincent Stormes found out he will no longer be driving for Uber.

"It just said, you're terminated. It didn't give a reason. So I of course emailed back asking why," said Stormes

After several attempts to find out he was told a few reasons ranging from driving for unsafe periods of time and getting into a verbal altercation with a 3rd party.

Vince said most of the accusations come from posts he made in a private Facebook group 'venting' to fellow Uber drivers. The altercation, he said, happened when he was off the clock.

"Most of the reasons were just absolutely untrue. One was about a post I had made," he said.

Vincent said the post was a bad joke.

"Someone was complaining about drivers in general and I made a smart aleck comment. I wasn't saying I drive badly it was a joke. That tells me that Uber has access to a private and closed Facebook group."

Similar reports from Forbes and The Guardian show these things have happened to drivers in Boston and Albuquerque.

A Spokeperson with Uber told Local 8 News "Uber does not take action in any way against any person who elects not to operate his or her business at any given time or participates in expressions of free speech. Our policy is to immediately and permanently remove anyone – rider or driver – who engages in inappropriate activity related to the platform. This can include safety violations, violations of our terms and conditions, and in some cases, feedback from a rider or driver may lead to deactivating a driver-partner or rider from the system. "

For Vincent he's hoping another chance to drive with the ride sharing company. He's not taking any chances. He decided to leave the group on Facebook.

"I had a user feedback rating of 4.85. That puts me in the top 10 percent of feedback for drivers from customers. So my customers obviously weren't upset with me... I love Uber the only complaint I have is about their communication with partners."