Union County mother upset after bed bugs found in school

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MAYNARDVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Exterminators showed up at Maynardville Elementary School after bed bugs were found inside a student's backpack.

Since a notice about the bed bugs went home, one mother says she's been on high alert. This parent wants to remain anonymous.

She's the mother of two Maynardville Elementary School students. Most afternoons are spent digging through her kids' backpacks for homework and graded papers, but now she's looking for evidence of bed bugs.

The letter sent home with her child talks about how the school is taking precautions, who they hired for pest control, but not about what parents should do next.

“For the school to not send home any information was really worrisome to me, I mean they should have given us something to let us know what we're looking for, signs, symptoms or anything like that,” explains the parent.

The mother says she turned to the internet for help.

She says, “I use Google to tell me how to prevent it from coming into our house, coming in, taking their clothes off, sending them straight to the shower everyday, I wash their clothes in hot water to get rid of anything that possibly could be on them."

A school system spokesman says only one backpack in a second grade classroom had bed bugs. That classroom was treated, along with every other room the child had been in.

"If they are concerned and everyone should be I totally understand that, me as a parent, I am as well,” says Union County Public Schools Director of Health and Human Resources Eddie Graham.

This mother says the school fell short keeping her informed.

“It's just something that I never thought I'd have to worry about, my kids are clean kids, I don't think I should have to worry about this,” says the mom.

The mother says she received the letter on Friday. According to Graham, the backpacks affected were treated over the weekend before allowing students to take them home. Exterminators were back on campus Tuesday and found no sign of bed bugs.

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