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Knoxville boy becomes desensitized to peanuts after suffering from severe allergy

Bipartisan senators push for raising the age for purchasing tobacco

Where can you find the deadly 'kissing' bugs?

Study: Your brain keeps working after death

Health officials say 'wash your hands,' hepatitis A cases on the rise

How much paid family leave should Americans get?

Doctors serious about limiting sugary drinks

Kentucky dentist hosts free dentistry day

Mold-related health issues may worsen following severe flooding

Hamblen County Schools close due to sickness

Are changing temperatures and sickness related?

Pregnant TN mom carries dying baby to term to donate organs

FDA alerts more doctors of rare cancer with breast implants

Is elderberry a safe choice for treating the flu?

Study: Experimental treatment could change lives of MS patients

Milk allergy more common in kids, study says

Do children today get enough play time?

US approves new generic competitor to EpiPen

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