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Police solve serial killer case after 30 years using DNA evidence

‘Deeply sorry’ Trudeau begs forgiveness for brownface photo

Italy: Rescue boat with 82 migrants can dock at Italian isle

Pope Francis to visit Thailand, Japan in November

Cashier uses photographic memory to steal 1,300 customers’ credit card details

UK Parliament blocks no-deal Brexit, rejects call for snap election before suspension

73-year-old woman gives birth to twins in India

DNA hints the Loch Ness 'monster' might be giant eel

Hurricane death toll climbs to 20 in devastated Bahamas

Doctors say picky teen's diet of nothing but fries and chips caused blindness

7-Year-Old Boy is First Recorded Death of Hurricane Dorian

Pope gets stuck in Vatican elevator, firefighters rescue him

Man who played same lottery numbers for 30 years wins $60 million

Trump on US-China trade: 'Sorry, it's the way I negotiate'

Trump sends mixed messages to China on trade war

N. Korea tests new ‘super-large’ multiple rocket launcher

Trump raises tariffs on Chinese goods as trade war escalates

Amazon fires stir bitter dispute over who is to blame

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