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Man accused of having sex with 13-year-old girl in Ky church parking lot

Ky. mom mourns son killed on dirt bike in front of home

Death threat leads to child porn stash in Arkansas

"Return our pig...or call us for information:" Miniature pig stolen from Ky store

NC children found dead in home, mother's body possibly in river

Puppy found chained to scooter, set out with trash in Mississippi

Man gets maximum penalty for killing Louisiana K-9 officer

'They don't have common sense:' Man accused of selling stolen goods on Facebook

SC cashier fired after writing racial slur on receipt at Rock Hill Arby’s

Flesh-eating bacteria: What you need to know

Analysts: Americans spending nearly $100 million less on gas each day

Ky firefighters rescue 90-year-old woman from mudslide

Shark bites child in third North Carolina attack this season

Alabama orders 'chemical castration' of some child molesters

Virginia college wants wizardry school's $70K debt to vanish

Tenn. mom finds man secretly living in attic above daughter's room--again

Kentucky court rules police can be sued when chases cause death, injury

Kentucky police: Son shoots dad in back of the head

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