Morton Capital Launches a New Digital Experience That Raises the Bar on Traditional Financial Websites

Award-winning RIA firm invites visitors to explore its new interactive website, which aims to empower better investors by providing educational support to clients and the broader community.
Published: Oct. 7, 2021 at 1:56 PM EDT

CALABASAS, Calif., Oct. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Morton Capital, a rising star in the alternative investment and RIA space, launched its highly dynamic new website this week. The vision of the website redevelopment, which began in late 2020, was to create a custom digital experience that reflected the client experience and reinforced the company's relational approach and mission to "empower better investors."

From the moment visitors arrive on the site, they are guided through a unique and interactive experience matched to their interests. The user journey has been designed to be educational, visually interactive, and enjoyable. Upon landing on the site, the animated type and life-moments video inspire the visitor to get in the mindset and think about what enjoying life means to them on a personal level. This is immediately followed by the question that sets the tone for the site, "How can we help?" Four main options appear to steer them in the direction that resonates with their interest or needs, whether that is investment advice or simply browsing.

Bold, bright colors, custom design, engaging videos, and animations create a truly immersive experience that challenges the status quo of other financial sites. The navigation, coined as "simple complexity" by COO Stacey McKinnon, provides the user with multiple options on how to journey through the site, constantly reinforcing that this site has been built with their interests in mind.

"We did design sprints and user testing throughout the build to ensure that what we created was easy to navigate and truly matched what was needed, and in many cases missing, from the industry," said Marketing Manager, Clarisse Sullivan.

McKinnon further stated: "We want our website to provide value for whoever visits it. Wealth as a word can be misunderstood, so our vision is to redefine what wealth means and make it more approachable to everyone visiting Morton Capital. We all need financial knowledge and it's proven that the younger we adopt this mindset, the more empowered and successful we become in our lives. All our team members are passionate educators and content creators so it was fundamental that our new site provide outlets for this shared vision. We have many exciting new initiatives and programs recently launched or in development, and our website and social media channels are providing an engaging outlet to share this knowledge, start a conversation, and create a growing community of like-minded individuals."

Created with the user experience in mind, the site includes many features that help visitors navigate quickly and easily to content that relates to them. Every experience has been carefully curated to help visitors feel empowered as investors.

Features include:

  • Client story videos that portray how advisors work with clients to help them get the most life out of their wealth.
  • A "Hear our story" video where the leadership team talks about the history, mission, and vision for the future.
  • A team page that opens to a dynamic virtual office tour video, where the viewer is greeted by friendly faces, and updated bios that provide professional and personal insights into Morton team members.
  • A new careers page, featuring available positions, a career path flowchart, and MC's Employee Value Proposition, to continue its award-winning focus on building a visionary team.
  • An entire section dedicated to building the knowledge of clients and website visitors. MC aims to be a source of education, so this section will be continuously updated with company announcements, investment solutions, and planning strategies.

CEO Jeff Sarti commented, "We have a commitment to lifelong learning at Morton. It is a mindset that connects our leadership, our teams, our clients, and, ultimately, anyone seeking to get more life from their wealth, regardless of their background or financial status. When you adjust your preconceptions of wealth and make it personal, it becomes an enabler. Our new  website is a celebration of this shared mindset and a commitment to providing the content, education, and experiences to support it. I'm extremely proud of what we have created."

To further customize the initial experience for visitors, Stacey McKinnon recorded a short and highly engaging video tour that walks users through the site and its key features. This video provides an exceptional overview in just a few minutes and we encourage you to view and share the video prior to visiting the website.

About Morton Capital

Morton Capital is an award-winning RIA firm based out of Calabasas, CA, that offers financial planning and investment services for individuals, families, and business owners. The firm currently serves 1,065 households/families with an AUM of $2,428,842,492 and has been continuously striving to grow in knowledge, expertise, and team culture since being founded in 1981. For more information about Morton Capital, please visit or follow the company on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and YouTube.

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